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Card Mock Ups (mainly due to WIRED piece deadline which is monday morning BTW!)

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26 A New Mockup on Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:12 am

PDF at this link:

I've been working on a design based on the existing one. I added a background texture and some other visual flare. I also added names of the associated terrains in addition to graphics (labels below stats as well). After seeing what others have posted here, I agree it would be better to move the Creative Commons icons to the bottom. (Where they are now, they look somehow relevant to the game.)

There are comments attached, but you may or may not need actual Adobe Reader to see them. If visible, they can be easily turned off (in the Comments menu) to view the image by itself.

I would love feedback. If desired, I can provide information about any source elements and/or the original Illustrator template I created as well. I am perfectly willing to provide this design free of any IP claim, so feel free to modify or dismantle as you will. If you're really interested in that, feel free to contact me, as this is an optimized PDF, so it has a lot of useful invisible content removed.

My least favorite part is the terrain graphics at the bottom of the card. I don't know what the answer to that is yet, and at least part of the problem is that I made my own graphics for these; they are a bit uneven.

As a disclaimer, I didn't draw that excellent Northern Cardinal; I found it among the submitted images in the Phylo Flickr pool.

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WOW glunsforddavis! It looks really great and proffesional.

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That's a great design.

glunsfordavis: could I get you to repost that comment on a new thread for possible "print" designs. As outlined earlier, the simplified look of the cards right now is primarily due to how they are dynamically made (via CSS formatting, which works normally through pixels and straightline boundaries).

There's a possibility that we can embed a background image template instead of using a colour, but will have to wait for someone to step up and try out that wordpress tweak.

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Moved discussion of print designs for cards, including my mock up, to the following topic:

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Cubist wrote:

I prefer this layout. The classification is really specific going from kingdom until species. With the current one, children don't know which cards are called canines, felines, ursids, cetaceans, etc.

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