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Bring it: physical decks on their way. Feedback please!

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Bring it: physical decks on their way.  Feedback please! Empty Bring it: physical decks on their way. Feedback please!

Post  davehwng on Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:12 pm

O.K. Two decks have been commisioned, with extended playtesting which suggest that they function well (esp. the Beaty Deck). You can check them out at the phylo website (see below for links).

Note that with the Coral Reef deck, you can see what cards can look like when there is an effort to make them look a little fancier. As well, the coral deck was a useful exercise in seeing if the overall rules work, even when playing with an unconventional ecosystem. Initially, when tested with high school and university students, we got the sense that the varying trophic strategies of these organism made the game much more difficult to learn (i.e. like an advanced deck?), but interestingly, when launched with young kids (around 8 to 10 years old), the complexity wasn't actually an issue (it was like the younger kids had less trouble picking up the game rules!).

The Beaty Deck is currently available online, but also in the process of working on the "print" version (which will look awesome!).

Anyway, continued feedback is appreciated!

WSF Coral Reef Deck - there was a 400 deck print run, where all decks were given away free at the World Science Festival.

Beaty Museum Deck - finished deck will be made available for sale at the museum. Also exploring online purchasing options.

Brief sypnosis of how these decks were created


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