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Darwin deck. Will need some help? Please leave a comment in this thread if interested in helping out.

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Just a note that we're currently working on a "Darwin themed deck" for eventual purchase. At this point, the main idea is to call it a "Voyage of the Beagle" deck. We already have a number of key organisms selected but need help in creating some DIY cards (see for these species (about 25 or so).

The above is more grunt work (doing some lit search and then data entry), but we will also need help in play testing the species mix. Also, we wondering if we can develop a system where the event cards actually focus on historic events. i.e. instead of the usual my event card alters the food chains, what about my event cards depict this part of the epic journey, or when Darwin did this, etc. If that was the desired idea, how exactly would "science history" cards be worked into the current game?

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I would be willing to design some card content, but can't help with the art.

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Heads up. A beta version of the Voyage of the Beagle deck is nearly ready for folks to try out (we used antique imagery that was essentially pre 1900s and therefore in a general realm of public domain). A post proper will likely go over this tomorrow (tuesday, October 15th), but if you're keen to take a peek, please check out

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O.K. here is the beta deck as a downloadable pdf (as well as some points to consider).

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O.K. I’ve played with the deck a few times. Generally, it’s pretty good – but there are some things that could be improved. Here are my notes:

1. The pdf – has no “home” cards. I just used two of the blank cards, but given this discussion ( Maybe home cards can be two “avatar” cards – like two crewmen on the HMS Beagle?

2. Playing without restrictions due to leg of voyage details works well enough (some problems listed below in 4).

3. BUT playing where you want to geographically is problematic. Lots of cards are essentially unplayable if you want to go this route (i.e. cards that don’t have the necessary food chains to allow placement on table). (see 4 for specifics).

4. O.K. here are specifics changes or card needs (if all are met, we’re generally good to go – I think):

(to address carnivore issues that are too small to eat their prey)
i. Flying Fish – change scale from 6 to 5.
ii. Marine Iguana – change scale from 8 to 7.

(new cards needed)
iii. A (marine, scale <5) fish that can eat plankton and found during the Chloe leg of the trip.
iv A small bug (forest, scale 3,4) that is a herbivore (nectar) and found in the Chloe leg of the trip.
v. A (marine, scale <7) fish that can eat plankton and found during the Galapagos leg of the trip.
vi. Any plant found in the Beunos Aires leg of the trip.

(other changes)
vii. +1 card of the Monkey puzzle tree.
viii. -1 card of the clouded yellow card (because of inclusion of iv)
ix. +1 zooplankton card – perhaps make this one available for all legs of the beagle trip (they are found everywhere!).

Anyway, I'm not a Darwin expert, so maybe someone can look to digging up the possible organisms to fulfill criteria iii to vi?

Otherwise, just a small note to say that this is very cool! I look forward to seeing the finished product!

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