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New England deck

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1 New England deck on Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:09 pm

Hello.  I was hoping someone could help me create some new cards for a New England deck for a simple food web game.  I live in Massachusetts, USA and have 3 boys who are really into pokemon.  I wanted to make a game for them for the summer that teaches taxonomy, food webs, and general appreciation of life on earth based on the pokemon concept, and here you already have a wonderful one going!  I have gone through the existing cards and selected those that they would find on an outing to a local habitat.  I want to put together a starter pack for each of them, and then have them earn cards by finding the actual organism in  nature. The starter deck would have life forms that they might not see with their own eyes, habitat cards, and a few event cards. The game I had in mind is that they start with a habitat card then they take turns playing cards in a food web sort of way. When no more cards can be played from the persons hand, the person who lays down the last card in the web is the winner of that hand.  I would want a few more organisms specific to the New England area.  If I made a list, would there be people who could help find/generate images and gather info for them? I would be happy to list what I would think of as a starter deck too if anyone else might be interested.

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2 my reference book on Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:58 pm

I am using a great book called "The Natural History of Western Massachusetts" by Stan Freeman as a reference. IT has great photographs, but I think I could not just scan in the pictures due to copyright laws.

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