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A4 cards and a new British Deck

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1 A4 cards and a new British Deck on Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:55 pm

Hi all,

I'm working on building a British Deck to take into schools here. As a way to introduce it to the children, I use an A4 deck which I give them one of each. However, the cards come out very pixellated at that size. Are there higher resolution or vector versions of, in particular, the terrain pictures forest-3, grasslands-3, urban-3 and tundra-3?

I will, of course, send the deck to you here to put on this website if you see fit when it is done.



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2 Re: A4 cards and a new British Deck on Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:43 pm

HI Rachel,

Getting higher quality art will be tricky, since all of the cards rely on donated art. As well, this specifically asks for a very specific resolution that only looks good for the smaller card dimension purposes. Are you working on the British Deck on behalf of a someone (an NGO, museum, etc)? Let me know - a way around it, is to have a high quality version of this deck commissioned.

I was actually thinking of chatting with the NHM this summer to see if they're game to host a deck (I can provide a base amount of funding for the art).

Anyway, give me a shout at so that I can learn more.


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Hi everyone,

I have mentioned this set before on this site and it is now completed. This set includes grassland, forest, urban and moorland/mountain (tundra) species with a focus on pollination. It has a different definition of the keyword 'POLLINATOR' as the aim of the set is to show the importance of pollinators and the problems they and other British wildlife are facing (the event cards). It also includes a new keyword 'FARMED'.

There are instructions for 4 different games, at different levels of difficulty, as a way to get more ages and abilities of children involved.

The cards and teacher notes can be viewed here: They are also available on the main Friends of the Earth website here, where you can see the Bee Campaign that the phylo cards are linked into: (although the actual link to the cards is currently broken). We are distributing a limited number of printed packs to schools and educators in Britain who have expressed an interest and they are available for free download.

I would be interested in any comments on the cards or teacher's notes. I have already had some ideas about splitting the teachers notes into separate notes for each game rather than doing it as a progression through the games, and I think the dominoes instructions need slightly amending.

I am happy to have these uploaded onto this site if you want them, and can talk to someone about how to do it. I made up my own template on InDesign for them as the code was unfortunately too hard for me to work out.


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4 Re: A4 cards and a new British Deck on Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:13 pm

That is so awesome! How did the playtesting go, or are you about to launch that aspect! As well, I have someone here who can begin to put these cards on the phylo website (if you like).

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