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Making new cards from the flickr photostream

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Making new cards from the flickr photostream Empty Making new cards from the flickr photostream

Post  Rachel Gibbons Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:16 pm

I just found the flickr photostream - lots of these are not made into cards. If I wanted to have a card made from one of these photos what would I do?


Rachel Gibbons

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Making new cards from the flickr photostream Empty Re: Making new cards from the flickr photostream

Post  davehwng Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:48 am

This, we're still working on*. I.e. an autonomous DIY section for the website. where you can take any of your own images, and put it up on the website to make a card. This wouldn't be a card that would live in the /cards section, where the art is vetted and moderated for quality, but at least you can quickly make your own cards to incorporate into your own decks and it can live in the /DIYcards section.

Note that we do have a DIY section, but it's not autonomous (you still need help from my lab). In other words, we still had to get the images from the classrooms, and then hire undergrads to curate the images and kid's text into cards for the classroom. This isn't actually that hard to do (about 5 to 10 minute per card), but for almost all teachers, looking at the backend of wordpress is daunting (plus 30 kids times 10 minutes is still a lot of time for a single teacher).

Ideally, we can make the DIY card section as easy to independently function as possible, where individual students can actually do it without having to go into the backend of our wordpress template. Or put another way, we have a section of the website, where you can just fill in data, and presto - a card is made and saved. Problem is, is that it sounds like this would require a complete overhaul of the current site, which is pretty tough to do when you're relying predominantly on crowdsourced help.

One of these days, it would be great if the community could maybe help write a grant to get this done. The DIY stuff we did with the few classrooms we offered it to was just incredible! The kids loved making, playing and trading with their own decks and the decks were really cool! (There's a few highlighted on the phylo blog)

* unless, you're talking about the Phylomon Flickr account, which have images in queue for card production (i.e. they'll be made into cards in the immediate future)


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