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Demo/public playtest Friday June 25th in Pittsburgh PA

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I will be demoing this and running a public playtest of this at Anthrocon on Friday June 25th in Pittsburgh, PA.

I shall be taking copious notes and then report back the following week, once I have recovered from the convention.

(I will likely also be playing this on the 9 hour train trip with J so you'll get LOTS OF NOTES)

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Good luck, and I hope you get a great response. PA is a bit of a drive for me down in TN, but if anything closer comes up, it'd be great to meet up with people.

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Bah, my e-mail reversed times on printed schedule.

Phylo is SATURDAY 11AM to 1PM.

Not that its likely anyone from forum is in the area, but just in case...

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Here's a full illustrated list of all the games offered at Anthrocon this year, for those who are curious:

You can see Phylo on there as item #20. There's a LOT OF STUFF.

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