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is there a possibility to add new effects to the animal cards?

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Sorry for my bad english, im mexican and im not practice much this language.

First to all: Congratulations, this TCG its a nice idea and the academic intention its very good.

Im a ex-TCG Player, such as pokemon, Yugioh, Magic the Gattering, Mitos y Leyendas -latin american TCG Game more popular- and i want propose are game modality like a "fight between yours and me animals" for Phylo, i want to aggregate some rules to the game for this be more dinamic and integrate more feedback between both player.

Basically, i want to add some features to some animals and some plantas, like "Intimidation", "call of the herd", "poison", "hard skin", "horn" and so on. this features issue the fight between animals both players. Also, add some event cards that can be used in turn of a player and too in the turn of other player, like "Countered card" like "sunny time", "rain", "earthquake", "darkness of a cavern" and so on.

for all of this, i want to know if exist a possibility to change the existing animal cards and add thats elements i suggest.

Thanks so much and wait for yours answer.

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Hi and welcome to Phylo.

Currently the cards have a space for SPECIAL ABILITIES that are defined as - "This is something special that your organism can do. Examples may include an organism being INVASIVE, PARASITIC, or having the ability to MOVE."

To do what you are suggesting could be done by:
a. Creating whole new cards where this Special Ability has a description with the effect you are asking. This could mean creating duplicate cards - ones that have current abilities and ones that have special abilities that support the type of gameplay you are thinking about.


b. Each card have a set of Special Abilities, where the set could be chosen at the time of deck generation. e.g. A single card could have in the database 3 different sets of special abilities - a "Normal" set that supports the core rules associated with species spreading, web of life, and normal events. An "Attack" set that supports a ruleset associated with a card vs card attack system and all the supporting cards you noted. A "Co-operative" set that supports a Co-operative ruleset that is developing in discussion.

The future goal would then be for a person to come to the site and, for example, generate 30 random species cards all with the "Attack" set of Special Abilities printed on it.

All of the above is "possible" however whether or not anything eventuates is a factor of manpower resources and common agreement whether or not it is a good thing to do.

If real species are used, and real world effects or influences are used, then your suggestion still seems to be in line with the core objective of Phylo to have players engage in a game reflective of the world real world.

Personally I am wondering if this will be of interest to players because the real world is more restrictive than fantasy cards. e.g. My Lion/Hippo/Rhino beats just about anything you can play. And I'm not sure if my Tapeworm attacking your Intenstinal Polyp is particularly interesting. However these are only my opinions and the idea needs to be discussed.


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Of course, the goal its not create a surrealist game. I think i need to be a little especific.

for this modality, i think its necessary to set another points about "who attack who", and the Idea its: my carnivor species can attack your specie which can be eating for it:

My Lion cant be eat yours elephant, your whale or your bacterium. how could it be? because my Lion dont have same or more "attack points" that the Elephant (the Lion can defeat the elephant when two Lions attack at same elephant, because two or more Lions have more attack points than the elephant). The Lion not be exist in the same plane that the whale and simply, the Lion can be attack species that are not inside the Lion DIET -in this case, species whith red colour, representing "species can be eating for a carnivore"-

The attack can be repressenting with the chainfood specie or another, this can be thinked.

after the "fights" between yours and me species, if you not have more animals or another to protect yours side of the field, my species can be attack -or eating needs to be thinked like says to this- your Deck, and you be forced to discard cards of the top of your deck to the "discard zone" -the event cards used before and tos usable again, the species defeated, and so on-

the deck with no more card, lose, the player standing, win.

who attack the decks? because this is threat like the "source of life" -all my species, ecosystems, events... are part of my world like player-.

I think that with this modality, the game can be structure decks by genere -carnivores, water species, flying species- by "family" -canines, insects, snakes- by ecosystem -jungle, forest- and so on

I say this because in my experience in another Card Games, this type of rules allows to create many dynamic decks and the feedback really incress.

Again, sorry my bad english.


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I think this could almost be anouther 'spin off' game. like there is only so much space and if there is not enough room there are going to be fights over the space.

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Forbidding wrote:I think this could almost be anouther 'spin off' game. like there is only so much space and if there is not enough room there are going to be fights over the space.

Well, we could add small icon with numbers on top of them.

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