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Search Engine: Several unexpected behaviours e.g. Lion

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If I enter Lion into the search engine, the first entry I get back is Moose.

Lion as a primary animal doesn't appear in any of the search results.
The 6th result is Golden Lion Tamrin i.e. Lion appearing in the species name.

However, if I enter Tiger ( ) the results I get are:
Gray wolf, Tiger quoll, and Lion.

Inspecting each of the search result details, the common factor seems to be the word 'million' which has the partial match of 'lion' taking results priority over a partial or whole match of 'lion' in the species name.

This would seem to be unexpected behaviour.

Start again with the Lion example above, at the bottom of the first search results page I can select either '2', '3', or '>>' to get to the next results page. That works ok (although note still no Lion appearing).

However at the bottom of the 2nd results page, none of the page navigation buttons work ie. none of '<<', '1', '2', '3', or '>>' work.


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Yeah, I noticed that too. There's a few other idiosyncracies with the site I'd like fixed (i.e. why doesn't the menu at the bottom stay put when you sort by category, etc).

The pdf card element is also something we'd like to tweak a bit more (especially elongating the card a bit).

So far, we haven't had too many wordpress php programming uptakers to suggest alterations to the code, but I have some folks back in Vancouver who will work on these with me when I return in January (I'm currently in the UK)

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Seems like after five years we still have this issue. I looked up for lion in the search engine and the actual lion card didn't show up until page 2.

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