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1 Phylo online on Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:25 pm

Wow really quick, done in less than an hour. Available for Mac and PC

a) Download and install Lackey CCG from

b) Under preferences > Plugin, look for AutoUpdate. Copy the following into the long box:
Click Update from URL (left of the box)
When it's done, click Download all missing images

When you restart Lackey, return to the same page and under Plugin Preferences click Browse and choose phylo. You are then ready to start building your deck.

__Tips for Lackey__

i) Preferences. Note: when you have changed an option, remember to click "Save Preferences". This will take you to the Game tab.

Player Profile: Put your choice of name here. Duplicates are allowed. If you want to use your own avatar, I suggest putting it in the LackeyCCG > images > avatars folder on your computer, and using Browse here to find it.

ii) Deck Editor

You have two deck 'slots'. Put everything in Deck, except any cards you need to start with (e.g. a Home). That goes in OtherStuff.

a) To add a card to the deck, double click it, or select and use the +1 button at the bottom. You can remove cards from the deck the same way. It can take a while to get use to the slight lag.
b) Make use of the Filters on the left hand side. Note that, like on CCG Workshop, most of the obscure keywords are not searchable (although most of these are searchable in the text search). Also as before, the keyword box includes both requirements and actual keywords. Finally, searching for 'other' in keyword will bring up those often elusive cards which don't have keywords or requirements.
c) Tick 'text' above the filter to overwrite the card details on top of the card image.
e) Make sure you type a name for your deck and save it.
f) open older decks by using the drop-down "recent decks" menu, or click Browse to find one you haven't used recently.

iii) Testing a deck

a) Solitaire mode: While the Game tab says "Game: solitare", you are just playing by yourself. You can load a deck to Bot too, and double click on its icon to play as Bot.
b) The menus can be slightly counter-intuitive: don't click until the final option you want is highlighted, or it will close the menu -
for submenus, hover the mouse until the submenu opens.
c) Right-click on your player area on the left > Load recent deck > [deckname].
- Decks you haven't opened recently you will need to open with Browse in the Deck Editor first.
d) You can display your hand or other deck piles along the bottom or down the right. Click and drag to put them in play.
e) You can zoom the play area in and out using a mouse scroll wheel. Use the middle button to mark the play area (click, or click and drag); Escape clears all markings. Similar options exist for Macs.
f) Use the buttons on the left to change phase or turn. Ctrl+ left/right changes the turn. Ctrl+ Up/down progresses the phase if you need to.
g) Games autosave every 5 minutes or whenever you move the turn forwards. Load using Main > Autosave1
h) Main Menu > New Game clears everything.

iv) Playing a game

a) In the server tab, click "Refresh Server List from Tracker".
b) To initiate a game, click "Host a game". ALWAYS tick "Use proxy server". Set number of seats, and you can change the name of the game.
Ignore the rest. Press "host" to affirm.
c) Join a game with spare seats by selecting the game and then "Join selected game".
d) To close a game, use the [X] in the Game window.

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2 Re: Phylo online on Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:28 pm

I should add that, since the game is in playtesting, there's plenty of scope to add bits to the Lackey plugin. For instance, I'm thinking I should probably add a Score box for each player, even though it's only totalled at the end.

Also, although the database here updates every weekday, the bulk of the work updating the Lackey plugin is creating the new cards in MSE and using the Lackey export, so I'll probably update once a fortnight at most.

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3 Re: Phylo online on Sat Jul 24, 2010 7:25 pm

The Lackey files are updated - run the updatelist as per above. This also means that I've got a new MSE file too (see the other thread for that).

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4 Re: Phylo online on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:56 am

This is awesome. Could I trouble you to write something like a blog post (reasonably polished) that sort of directs folks to this, as well as the magic card set, options. I'd like to create a page where we can showcase this a little better.

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5 status + sample decks on Wed Jul 04, 2012 2:28 pm

How is this plugin going? The plugin now has 136 cards. All have white backgrounds, and there are habitat cards, but no home cards.

A couple of sample decks thrown in would be good, too, for playtesting in lackey. I don't know if it can be included in the plugin?

I could write an article on the lackeyCCG part, if I know what to cover, as I have extensive experience with the application, but maybe we should wait for the plugin to be updated, first.

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6 Re: Phylo online on Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:58 pm

The plugin kind of stalled a while back, and to be honest, I'm not very familiar with Lackey CCG. Let me spend a little more time on it this summer though. Otherwise, is this something worth setting up (especially, with the starter decks or say the WSF decks, and then seeing if there's interest for folks to dit in the other cards).

As well, (and as an aside). There's discussions elsewhere of a major edit of the wordpress theme so that DIY cards can be more easily done by outside users. The goal, of course, is to make this easy enough for a 6 or 7 year old to make one. That is where it would be truly amazing, since classrooms can more easily participate - right now, there's still backend curation by folks who are comfortable with wordpress. This isn't necessarily hard to do, but it seems hard enough to put off most teachers.

Still, the point here is that is there a way to incorporate Lackey virtual playing capabilities with wordpress?

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