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Heads up. My internet access will be spotty over the next three weeks (plus wikipedia linkage idea/card sets idea)

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Hey all, just a heads up that I'll be starting my sabbatical move soon (July 3nd). This means the next couple of weeks, my access to the phylo site may be a bit spotty. The site is still queued up for 1 card per day release until things get back to normal, and I will check in periodically.

A thought also occurred to me about drumming up more traffic to the site (and hence more exposure). I think the project merits an entry on wikipedia. But even better, is that each individual species on wikipedia has a link to the specific phylo card (in the external links section). This way, if someone is looking up some organism on the web, inevitably, they'll go to the wiki site, and there will be an option to check out the phylo card as well!

Anyway, if folks with wiki logins feel like starting this process, then that would be cool. Otherwise, I'll start it in about a month or so!

The other main thing we need, is for someone to suggest (or even create a pdf) a card set of 30 that is playable right off the bat. It would save players new to the game the effort of building things from scratch, and definitely make the transition into playing the game much quicker. Down the road, we'll be creating a "page" on the site specifically for card sets. In particular, if you want to create locale specific card sets, then that would be xtra cool. We're even comtemplating letting these "locale champions" have access to the site so that they can add tags to cards that exist in their locale (might beta this with a grad student for vancouver for example). This way, the champion can periodically update the tags as new cards come that are specific to their locale.

Game on!

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Alright! I'm back online - and sitting in an office at the Natural History Museum. Should be able to get on with a number of requests starting next week.

Let's see (I think these were the ones of top priority):

1. rewrite the rules to include building on any area of the table (not just cards under a player's control).

2. Readjust scoring system.

3. Update site with access to widgets nicely programmed by members of this forum to construct cards individually.


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On a related subject, if nobody objects/tweaks the scoring system I suggested in the other thread, I'll try to update the MSE/Lackey files this week.

And welcome to the better side of the pond Very Happy I hope you settle in nicely.

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