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Progress on Phylomon.

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1 Progress on Phylomon. on Sun Oct 18, 2015 1:56 am

-Is this game ever going to be particularly finished, certainly in terms of a tier one,
with everything on the TODO list at list acheived or slated?  Is there ever going
to be a final push to fill things in?

-What the game needs are various continental environments from around the world implemented
with their relevant different creatures.
ie. Canada, Alaska, North (and South) Pole, South America, North America, Africa, Russia,
China/Japan, Australia, India/Phillipines/New Guinea/Borneo/Pacific, Australia/New Zealand,
the Far East...

-In my opinion, the game doesn't really need any prehistoric or Dinosaur stuff.  What it should
have is an extinctions release including things that have gone extinct in human times, like the
Dodo, Giant Moa, Tasmanian Tiger, Passenger Pidgeon, Caspan Tiger, Barbary Lion...

-In my opinion, card visual layouts could be a bit better when it's time to go to people
(perhaps like the card template in the sale Beatty deck).

-In my opinion an animal like an African Elephant don't seem to have enough points when
compared to things with 7 or 8 points. Is there any real explanation for this, or should
some of those values in fact change?

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