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Phylo's A Great Game, But The Website Needs A Much Better Search Engine

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Like I said, I love this game. The one thing that I think needs improvement is the way we search for cards. The current search engine just doesn't cut it. Here's what we need:

* Full operator support (AND, OR, quotes, parentheses, etc.)
* Range-limiting keywords (such as sizemin:4)
* Classification-limiting keywords (such as classification:animalia-chordata or herbivore:true)

Currently, if I search for 'insect herbivore', I get five responses, none of which are herbivorous insects! Conversely, with a new engine, I could do this:

classification:animalia-arthropoda-insecta herbivore:true

If I want to find whales or fish that are large, I have no way to limit my search to large creatures. But with a new engine, I could search this:

"whale" OR "fish" sizemin:7

What if I want to find small mammals that live in warm or hot forests?

classification:animalia-chordata-mammalia sizemax:6 (climate:warm OR climate:hot) biome:forest

See how helpful this would be? As it is, searching for the right card in the whole library is a tiring chore. A new search engine would be wonderful!

There are resources out there that can help you create a new engine. I would be willing to help transition (for instance, by adding the necessary data to each card).

Please consider this possibility. Thank you.


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