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Other graphics: The logo

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26 Re: Other graphics: The logo on Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:46 am

Game on!

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27 Re: Other graphics: The logo on Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:34 am

Nothing serious here, just playing around.

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28 Re: Other graphics: The logo on Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:47 am

That looks cool! Reminds me of looking for pictures in the clouds!

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29 Re: Other graphics: The logo on Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:50 pm

O.K. had a chance to run the various logo images here on a group of young kids (about 45 Grade 2's i.e. about 8 years old). As expected they loved the "kiddie" one, really weren't loving the sci-fi looking one. Like it best when "phylo" was colourful but were o.k. with it black as well. Thought the logo with the picture behind it was cool, but most didn't realize there was a picture of an animal behind it (until closer looking at the third one). They also loved the animal silhouette one (also showed the IYB2010 logo), but admittedly very few of them actually got it before I explained to them what it was (i.e. I think they really liked the idea, but it wasn't actually a graphic that made initial sense - even the IYB2010 one which presumably had some time spent on).

Anyway, nothing surprising here. It's Friday session with high schoolers that will be interesting.

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30 Re: Other graphics: The logo on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:41 am

O.K. from the reaction from the high schoolers we met at a conference last week, I'd say that about 2/3 of the teenagers liked the kiddie "phylo" logo, although there were also a few comments along the lines of what cubist was saying. Anyway, I think I'll see if I can ask Haley to tone down the "kid factor" with the current logo.

(The other image drew some really strong reactions - most were kind of indifferent, a few loved it, but quite a few also hated it! Ah - youth!)

Anyway, I asked the students to provide some general feedback on the project, which I'll slowly put up here over the next little while.

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31 Re: Other graphics: The logo on Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:48 pm

 naturalismus wrote:
Has anyone thought about how girls like collectible card games?

Girl here and I like CCGs. It's surprising what girls do like since for awhile the top tournament players for Rage were ALL female. Rage focuses on violent werewolf combat, which is about as far from "girly" as you can get.

And there are "girly" CCGs. Check out Bella Sara. Collectible magical ponies. (I will totally cop to the fact I would have owned these... and bought them at the same time I was playing Rage competatively. Sparkly rainbow colored ponies do not preclude me liking werewolves eviscerating people)

So long as Phylomon is done as generally gender neutral in presentation, it will be fine. It will only be a turn off for a specific gender if it's clearly coded as a "girls game" or a "boys game". The lettering and color choice will basically tell kids whether its intended as "for boys" or "for girls". As such, avoiding either blue or pink for the base color is probably a good idea.

Here's a handy webpage on color preference by age and gender:

Blue is the most universally preferred color, but then you start running into the issue of "blue is for boys" (Pokemon also uses a blue card back) The close second is green... which is actually more heavily favored the younger you are. It's pretty equally split by genders.

As for font choice, the easy way to sort out "girly" vs "manly" fonts is to take a trip to your local bookstore. Publishers spend a lot of money on this sort of stuff, so know what appeals. Check out the action/adventure books and westerns vs the romance and you'll see a BIG difference in style Fonts on women targetted books tend to be very light and ornate. Those on men's books tend to be very thick and heavy. Women's books, the titles have only the first letter capitalized. men's books are in ALL CAPS. Those designed to appeal to both generally split the difference somewhere by either using ALL CAPS in a lighter font, or using the normal capitalization in a heavier font. Or picks a middle of the road font.

Looking at the current "kiddie phylo" logo it's probably as close to gender neutral as you're going to get. Heavier font, but only having first letter capitalized tones it down. green is probably the best choice as it's relatively gender neutral. Orange is strongly disliked by most age groups. Kids are the only group that doesn't really HATE orange... but their parents strongly dislike it.

Green also fits nicely with the general association of green=environment.

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32 Re: Other graphics: The logo on Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:44 pm

What will the packaging look like? The logo maybe able to compliment the packaging for example the The Path Finders Card Deck:

The simple blue lettering with glow looks really nice on the package overall.

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33 Re: Other graphics: The logo on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:21 pm

davehwng wrote:Just for the record, the logo was put forward by Haley ( Initially, it was full length spelling "Phylomon."

Would it be possible to release a vectorized version of this logo? I would love to take a stab at creating a prototype card back, and it would be a big help when resizing and changing colors, etc.

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34 Re: Other graphics: The logo on Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:23 am

rawrchiteuthis wrote:It would be great if we could use animals to spell out the words, or have a series of ants creating the "bridge" to make the word L, a leopard resting within the middle part of the P.

A humpback whale to make the letter P
A stretching spider to make the letter H
A branching tree to make the letter Y
A jumping salmon to make the letter L
An amoeba or a spherical fruit to make the letter O

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