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Turning "Selected Cards" list into a pdf file? Printing cards at Kinkos or other print shop?

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I prefer to print my cards at a print shop, and printing from a website is darn near impossible. It'd be great to have a way to get a file version of all the cards I've selected. It'd be easier to build decks that way.
Is this already possible? Or is there a trick to printing your selected cards at a print shop?

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I'm also curious what percentage of official (non DIY) cards are in the various PDF decks. There's certainly a variety there, with lots of deck options, but how much was not included?

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Sorry this reply is a little slow. If you select cards, hit the "selected cards" link, and then hit the print link, you should open up a printer window which automatically converts the cards that you can see (i.e. up to six at a time) into a one pager suitable for printing. Usually, the window will also let you "print as pdf."

In other words, let's say you select 42 cards, then hit the "selected cards" link, you should be able to scroll through these cards (6 at a time), creating a pdf file for each set of 6. In this case, you would eventually make 7 one page pdfs, which you can then use for printing at other services.

Hope this helps.

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What is the default size of that pdf print file? Is it A4 or bigger?

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