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Is there a printer making pre-printed Phylo cards?

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I'm wondering if I can get these cards for my kids without burning through a million dollars worth of ink-jet cartridges. Can they be ordered online?

Also, what are the restrictions about having a printer print these cards for my sons' school? They give out prizes for reading achievement, and I think these cards would be an outstanding idea for that kind of thing.

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Hey JoeSixPack,

Unfortunately, there's no special printing set up available (although we're currently working on a few special decks that you can buy via visiting museums). Still, we've just released a new version of game rules, as well as a handy dandy starter deck containing 100 cards (basically 17 pages of colour printing which isn't too bad)

Easiest way to get this material, is to go to the home page (, and right after the "START" graphic, there's two links. These both go to pdfs (one of 100 cards, and the other of the quick version of the rules) which are pretty much all you need to get going.

As far as copyright stuff is concerned, you're totally free to print and use. You just aren't allowed to sell them for profit or revenue.

Game on!

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