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Oakland Zoo has an animal version of Top Trumps

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Love the Phylomen idear.

Oakland Zoo has a version of the Top Trumps cards with animals from the zoo. Not sure what the gameplay is like, but the cards are interesting. They use real photos and have categories like "Lifespan", "Group Size", "Poop Factor", "Weight", and "Threat Level".

I'll scan a copy and post if folks are interested in seeing one in more detail.

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Poop factor? Haahahaha..really?!?

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Vivienne wrote:Poop factor? Haahahaha..really?!?

Totally. My kids love grossology things. I think it's quite brilliant. There should be pictures, even.

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Top trumps are awesome. An institution in places like the UK (where kids collect them even). Would be cool if there's some trump like playability with these phylomon cards (which shouldn't be too tricky to do).

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davehwng wrote:Top trumps are awesome.

I think Top Trumps is the lamest kind of Collectible Card Games ever. With Top Trumps, you don't know what things they implement and just comparing points randomly. Phylo is much better.

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